Dr. Noon introduced by the Korea Economic Daily

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Medi Whale and its product, Dr. Noon, was introduced to media by the Korea Economic Daily. The article is based on interview of Choi, the CEO of Medi Whale. Choi said that their program Dr. Noon can “diagnose disease risk of cardiovascular, macular, and optic nerve with 95% reliability by analyzing the fundus image”.

The article introduces that Choi started the company with an ophthalmology doctor of Yonsei college of medicine. As it says, Medi Whale has collected 0.1million fundus images for AI training and made a technology agreement with Yonsei college of Medicine.

Dr. Noon is useful for diabetic patients, according to the article. Diabetic retinopathy, which is one of the most popular complication of diabetics, can lead patient to blindness if the patient do not go through regular eye examination. Medi whale is on its way starting the clinical trials next month for medical use approval.

Medi Whale is also working on a AI diagnosis supporting program for cardiovascular disease examination. Choi said that by fundus image examination, previous cardiovascular disease examination CT can be replaced with cost decrease from USD 500~600 to USD 10.

Link to the full article as below.