Medical AI in Google

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Google displayed the AI technology which can predict individual patient’s medical treatment results by analyzing their electronic health record (EHR) through deep learning system.
It was difficult to analyze EHR as several complicated data such as the quantity of patients, different type of diseases, prescriptions, and surgical operations are presented.
Moreover, since some data is not being presented in EHR, limitations are still remaining in usage of deep learning process.
To solve this problem, professional physician needed to select critical cases from whole EHR database to increase specificity of prediction model until deep learning process developed.
As deep learning learned the whole data of EHR and identified the important source by itself, it allowed physicians to predict patient’s health status while processing or after medical treatment and presented the diagnostic name when patients discharged from hospital.
Deep learning was able to recognize the important source of whole EHR data, and this led researchers to find out that AI regarded impatient mortality as the first critical factor.
It also “scale up” the prediction model as deep learning could emit every process such as preparing and adding supplemental academic data.

An AI technology which Google has been presented is very efficient to predict and prevent patient’s risk as deep learning can analyze complex medical data and provide prospective results.

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