How to use Medical Artificial Intelligence

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In our past medical society, some researchers expected AI will replace professional physicians as it is based on big data and derive more accurate results than human without any bias.
Machine learning, which learns data via math equations and setting rules like a human, is commonly used in filtering spam mails, face and voice recognition in our presented society.
Since AI is still developing on broad area and playing critical roles much faster and clearer than human, unemployment is becoming a serious issue.
Furthermore, deep learning has been developed since 2010 by using artificial neural network. It is similar to human brain as several layers and different algorithms can process learning in depth.
As an amount of high quality data has been increased and accumulated in medical field, deep learning became compatible with medical field.

Artificial intelligence can be classified to three types (narrow, general, super) and all of these are focused on solving problem which humans are having difficulty.
When general AI is compared to narrow AI, general AI can think and analyze information or data like human can do.
Moreover, super AI is not clearly developed yet but it will become available to develop itself even more than human can develop with their brain. This is the reason why super AI is controversial in our society.
In our presented medical society, professional physicians and researchers are more focused on developing pattern recognition, memorizing, and classifying knowledge of AI.
Best way for us to develop AI is combining with human ability and deriving new profit. If people can regulate and apply rules to AI in medical field, AI application can effectively work. 

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