Wednesday, 05 December 2018 / Published in Mediwhale
Medi Whale Inc. announced on last 4th December that they are now starting the sales of ‘DrNoon’, a diagnostic solution of eye diseases using artificial intelligence(AI). They said that they have recently established a business headquarter in Singapore to support the sales in Southeast Asia. They are now supplementing their manpower for sales for hospitals
Thursday, 29 November 2018 / Published in Mediwhale
A new technology that enables a diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases only through eye images was first opened. The vessels in eyes which reflect the overall body condition enables to expect risks of a range of diseases. Early this year, Verily have suggested a possibility of expecting basic biomarkers including age, blood pressure, and smoking preference
Thursday, 25 October 2018 / Published in Mediwhale
On last 25th October, a Korea-Indonesia Tech Startup Demo day took a place in Jakarta. Organized by Korean small and medium Business Corporation(SBC), Korean International Trade Association(KITA), Korea Creative Contents Agency(KOCCA), and Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy(BEKRAF), 25 startups from Korea and Indonesia have made their pitch for about 100 potential investors. Medi Whale Inc.
Thursday, 25 October 2018 / Published in Mediwhale
Medi Whale Inc., a healthcare startup based in South Korea, has made a pitch introducing its technology in Tech in Asia 2018 Arena pitch battle as one of the six selected finalists. Arena pitch battle is a startup competition annually held at Tech In Asia conference. This year, six startups from Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea,
Tuesday, 10 July 2018 / Published in All, Mediwhale
On last July 7th, in APTOS 2018 Singapore, Dr. Rim gave a presentation about his research, “Retinal Damage as the Window to Cardiovascular Organ Damage: Use of Big Data & Machine Learning”. Dr. Rim, one of the co-founders of Medi-Whale Inc., is engaged in Yonsei University College of Medicine as a professor and ophthalmologist in
Monday, 09 July 2018 / Published in All, Mediwhale
Medi-Whale Co. sponsored the 3RD Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Symposium (APTOS) held in Singapore. In their exhibition booth the ‘Dr. Noon’, Medi-Whale’s product, was displayed on July 7-8, 2018.  APTOS was founded by tele-ophthalmologists in Asia-Pacific region in May 2016, aggregating professional researchers, technicians, and clinicians to share, collaborate, exchange individual perspectives, knowledge or ideas. Along